Myon's misadventures...

what's up it's ya fake business boy myonmallow

I'm taking a damng business IT masters degree so I can be a librarian

This blog is so obsolete it hurts.


I still wanna draw though, I just ain't brave or forward or whatever enough for it to be my sole job, and I like libraries so yeah.

It's been a fun life experiment I guess? The workload feels pretty heavy though.

Oops, I Guess

I've done such a poor job of attending this blog!

Knowing me, it was kind of expected, but it's still a bad thing, considering I actually wanted to try doing this.

Anyway, I may post some of the things I did last semester- once I get them back -but I'll try to take this more seriously from now on!


For now- I suppose I'll just post one-or two things from my first project and be off.




That last one- the two in pen?

That's my personal favourite, I guess, hehe.

They're pretty small though.


That's all for now.

Stay classy, strangers!


Entry #1

I'd been meaning to start this up for a while now, but I suppose I simply never had a proper starting point.

Basically, my main intention with this blog is to document how my art studies and the like are going. Perhaps it will even help with my actual proper art journals that I am supposed to be doing for the classes but have hardly even started yet?


At any rate, I hope I, and anyone else unfortunate enough to stumble across this poorly-attended-to blog can enjoy the experience.


>Myonmallow, out!